The Galactic Towers

It's not only football books that I write, you know!

The first two books in my superhero series - The Galactic Towers - are now available to buy in paperback through the shop on this website. The first book can also be downloaded via Kindle.

Below, not only can you find out more information about the series, but you can also see some of the amazing illustrations that appear inside the pages of the paperback editions, courtesy of the fabulous Kirsten Taylor. What's more you can also read the full opening chapter of the first book.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for!

One moment, I was a normal comic-mad 14-year-old boy, dreaming of one day becoming a superhero. The next, I was actually on my way to becoming one.
Granted special abilities by a secretive organisation based at the seemingly normal Galactic Towers building in London, I suddenly found myself thrust into a world full of excitement, intrigue and heroism.

Yet, all was not as it seemed. Now, every second that passes could bring me closer to my impending doom.

However, I will not be silenced. Not yet, anyway! Here, for the first time ever, is the true tale of how I, and others like me, were granted superpowers.

A tale very important people do not want you to know..

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Retrieve a package. Deliver it to Galactic Towers.

Sounds a simple enough mission, doesn’t it?

Especially for six secretly superpowered teenagers.

It’s not, though, believe me! Not when said package is being guarded by numerous freakishly strong men and women with secrets of their own.

Join me on a journey that takes in many highs – falling from rooftops – and equally as many lows – plunging through the murky depths of the London sewer system.

A journey that will eventually lead me coming face-to-face with a man destined to become one of my greatest enemies...

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